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The estate of Hare Krishna Temple, Toronto is situated at the Avenue Road in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The presence of the estate was first recorded in 1899 and was originally the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant. The building was designed by Gordon & Helliwell, an architectural firm based in Toronto, Ontario. It was in 1972, that it was gifted to ISKCON; the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and was renamed as Hare Krishna Temple.


Although ISKCON at Toronto is quite recent, it is part of an important and distinctive tradition of devotional faith which began in the sixteenth century with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It participates in a much older culture dating back thousands of years and embraces the timeless, non-sectarian values of sanatana-dharma (or the eternal religion) as found in the Vedic scriptures.

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243 Avenue Road

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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