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Toronto’s famous Hare Krishna Temple would like to invite you to our special workshops. Spiritual-seekers gather on these events for a culturally rich and vibrant experience of traditional spiritual culture which provides a flavor of bhakti yoga - the yoga of love!

Email Us for more info about the schedule of workshops.

All our festivals & events are open to the public and free for everyone!!


Yoga enthusiasts and spiritual seekers are welcomed to join our regular Yoga Workshops at ISKCON Toronto. Workshops are organized for beginners as well as for advanced attendees by trained professionals. 

Our yoga workshops are conducted in the Temple as well as outdoors within Toronto in the premises of lush parks and cool breezes.

Join our workshops to unwind and rejuvenate yourselves.


ISKCON Toronto holds regular workshops on Meditation for beginners to advanced spiritual seekers. Our workshops start with gentle pranayama and progress to deep guided meditations, helping you focus on your energy and quiet your mind. 

Join our Mindfulness Meditation workshops to promote your emotional wellbeing.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga, also called Bhakti Marga (literally the path of bhakti), is a spiritual path or spiritual practice focused on loving devotion towards a personal god. It is one of the paths in the spiritual practices of Hindus.

Bhakti Yoga helps us to practice love & compassion in our daily lives towards every living being on Earth.

At ISKCON Toronto we help you practice Bhakti Yoga by with gentle chanting and singing workshops.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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